Use Scavenger Hunt when you:

  • Want to gather early feedback on a prototype
  • Have a produce ready for market release and want ideas how to launch it
  • Want to understand how users interact with products under development

In this training, you will learn how to organize a Scavenger Hunt Workshop. This is designed to improve the usability of new and evolving technology products. Participants interact with new or prototype products with demonstrators, then provide feedback. Scavenger Hunt provides creators and service providers the opportunity for reaction and feedback on any stage of innovation: from prototypes to marketing and packaging. Depending on the number of participants and tables allow 45-60 minutes for this activity.

Check what you need to run a Scavenger Hunt workshop:
  • Tables arranged as stations around the edge of the room
  • Prototype and new, ready for market products
  • At least one demonstrator for each product
  • One host
  • Roving microphone
  • Video camera*
  • Stills camera*
  • Recording sheets*
  • Pens
  • Seating for participants

*optional item depending on what type of information you want to collect. We recommend video recording and record sheets.