Use Technology Interaction when you:

  • Want to discover the barriers to using technology ‘out-of-the box’”
  • Want to know how users overcome these barriers
  • Want to know how people learn to use new technologies
  • Would like to hear their perspective on the relevance and usefulness of new technologies

In this training, you will learn how to organize a Technology Interaction Workshop. This is designed to reveal obstacles and barriers to new technologies with first time users. Pairs of participants interact with given technologies and share their feedback on the experience. Technology Interaction helps creators and service providers understand why people find devices easy or hard to use. Depending on the number of participants and tables allow 45-60 minutes for this activity.

Check what you need to run a Technology Interaction workshop:
  • At least six participants
  • Selection of ‘off-the-shelf’ technologies
  • More items than participants
  • Containers for the items – one per table
  • Cabaret style tables and chairs
  • One host
  • Roving microphone
  • Video camera or audio recorder*
  • Stills camera*
  • Recording sheets* – you can download these here
  • Pens

*optional item depending on what type of information you want to collect. We recommend video recording and record sheets.