• What is TUNGSTEN training? A hands-on guide for creating better technology for older people through interactive workshops.
  • Who are TUNGSTEN workshops for? Technology creators, service providers, and organizations that work for older people.
  • How do I start? Follow our simple, step-by-step guide to organise and deliver fun, engaging workshops to find out what people really think about technology. 
  • How do I run TUNGSTEN workshops? Each activity can be offered as a standalone session or you can combine two or more into a longer workshop – please contact us for advice at astelllab@gmail.com

TUNGSTEN tools can be applied to any technology topic with any population


TUNGSTEN workshops are designed to be informative, educational and fun


TUNGSTEN workshops are shared events where everyone’s voice is heard

Our Workshops

Technology Interaction

Learn how people adopt new technologies and discover potential barriers.

Show and Tell

What makes people choose or abandon technology products?

Scavenger Hunt

Showcase your new product and improve it with actual users.


Arlene & Deborah

Dr. Arlene Astell and Dr. Deborah Fels are  the co-leads of TUNGSTEN training project. Arlene guides you through the steps to running your own TUNGSTEN workshops in this website.

Need help arranging a workshop?

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